Friday, June 19, 2020

Corris using Sugar N Cream

4 shafts were used for a basket weave salvage and 36 shafts were used for pattern.  Sett was 10 EPI & 10 PPI.  The Sugar N Cream colors really popped using the Corris technique.  Warp colors were deep purple (Black Current, WL203571), bright pink (Hot Pink, WL199671), and bright blue (Hot Blue, WL204362).  Wefts were Maurice Brassard 8/8 pink (Rose Pale, LEC-E1768) from The Woolery, Sugar N Cream orange (Hot Orange, WL204187), and Sugar N Cream yellow (Yellow WL203565).

Yellow Weft

Orange Weft

Pink Weft

Attaching a knitted cuff with a linking machine

Knitted cuffs

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Blazing Shuttles Nightshade Warp

Warp is 10/2 mercerized cotton “Nightshade” painted by Blazing Shuttles (Katherin Weber) while weft is 2/20 silk in "Diva Blue" from Webs. Sett is 28 Ends Per Inch (EPI) in a 14 Dent Per Inch (DPI) reed.  The AVL geared auto-advance is set to 28 Picks Per Inch (PPI) on my 40 shaft AVL Loom   To reduce thrums I first beamed 3 yards of plain 10/2 & threaded & dented, then I tied the Nightshade ends to the plain warp & beamed the Nightshade front to back.

400 ends of Nightshade in the center & 10 ends of deep purple on each edge

36 shaft pattern & 4 shaft basket weave edges

Derived from an Oelsner draft - #34287