Monday, April 30, 2018

Draft for Painted Warp

The painted warp is represented as pink for contrast.  Tromp As Writ (aka Woven As Drawn In - I had Fiberworks copy the threading to the treadling).  Side borders are black 4/2 cotton from Yarn Barn of Kansas in basket weave. Weft is black 6/2 cotton from The Woolery.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Painted Warp - beamed & ready to thread

Warp hand painted by Blazing Shuttles wound onto loom ready to thread. Mark held the warp while I wound.  400 ends of Blue/Purple Warp (4 Ply Cotton, 2,200 ypp) which will be sett 20 epi.

Hot Yoga Mat in 40-shaft Turned Taquette

My AVL40's first 2 projects were plain weave to make sure the loom was set up properly.  Then my son mentioned he was taking hot yoga classes and needed a towel. I created a Turned Taquette (aka Jin) draft following instructions in the Margaret Coe book 2 be Tied or Not 2 be Tied.  This book is mostly sold out, but my daughter had obtained it for me from AVL (who still seems to have a few copies).

Warp was 4/2 soft cotton from Yarn Barn of Kansas sett 30 epi in a 10 dent reed.  Weft was 16/2 Brassard cotton that wove to almost 20 ppi.