Sunday, December 16, 2018

Tencel Scarf

The middle 200 threads are variegated red/black 8/2 Tencel.  Basket weave selvages in black Tencel added 12 threads to each edge.  The weft was black 8/2 Tencel.  The sett was 24 EPI and the AVL Auto-Advance was set to 24 PPI.

Painted Warp Scarf

This is a 10.5 yard Blazing Shuttles Black Dahlia warp (10/2 mercerized cotton; 400 threads) sett 30 ends per inch.  The weft was 20/2 bright blue silk.  The pattern used 36 shafts and 4 shafts were used for black cotton basket weave edges.

Diversified Plain Weave

I am a member of a Complex Weavers study group called The Sixteens.  This year's topic was Diversified Plain Weave. The 14 pattern blocks afforded by Diversified Plain Weave (DPW) on 16 shafts created the opportunity to render a favorite knitting machine pattern in woven cloth.  Many of the old knitting machines used 12-hole or 24-hole punch cards for pattern input.  A 24-stitch symmetrical knitting machine pattern can be adapted easily to a 13-block point profile.  A 13-block profile draft was derived from American Indian designs adapted to knitting by Regine Faust, (Regine Studio, 1980, 225 pages, ASIN: B0007C3PGW); pattern on page 108.  I converted the profile draft to 14 blocks.   Below is a partial threading draft.