Saturday, May 9, 2020

Blazing Shuttles Nightshade Warp

Warp is 10/2 mercerized cotton “Nightshade” painted by Blazing Shuttles (Katherin Weber) while weft is 2/20 silk in "Diva Blue" from Webs. Sett is 28 Ends Per Inch (EPI) in a 14 Dent Per Inch (DPI) reed.  The AVL geared auto-advance is set to 28 Picks Per Inch (PPI) on my 40 shaft AVL Loom   To reduce thrums I first beamed 3 yards of plain 10/2 & threaded & dented, then I tied the Nightshade ends to the plain warp & beamed the Nightshade front to back.

400 ends of Nightshade in the center & 10 ends of deep purple on each edge

36 shaft pattern & 4 shaft basket weave edges

Derived from an Oelsner draft - #34287