Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sample for New Hampshire Weaver's Guild

Weave  3/1 & 1/3 broken twill on 36 shafts (4 shaft basket weave selvedges)
Source  ProWeave Twill Database 32-shaft Liftplan Pattern #64
Warp    10/2 Mercerized Egyptian Combed Cotton from RM Yarns
Weft      10/2 Unmercerized Cotton (mill end from my stash)
Reed      15    dent                     Sett    30    epi                     Sley       2 /dent
Comments weaving program; 32 shaft pattern was increased to 36 shafts to increase space between pattern columns.  Woven for the NHWG for Fall 2019 distribution.

Silk Shawl

The warp is natural silk/flax & pictured weft is 36/2 mercerized blue cotton that displays the pattern. The “real” weft was white silk for shawls. 36 shaft twill based upon the 32 shaft twill on page 56 of A Joy Forever: Latvian Weaving by Jane Evans